Acura Integra Headlights

Acura Integra
dave_7 / Car Photos / CC BY

The Acura Integra, which was manufactured by Honda from 1985-2006, was redesigned four times before it was discontinued. That means it’s important to consider the model year of your car before purchasing a used replacement headlight online because each generation of the Acura Integra has unique headlight assemblies. The first generation of the car, manufactured from 1985-1989 with an optional 1.5l or 1.6l engine, features distinctive “flip up” headlights that fold flat into the front of the car when not in use. The flip up feature is controllable from a dashboard switch that flips the headlights up or down.

The second generation of the Integra, which was produced from 1989-1993 with an optional 1.6l or 1.7l engine, features a more traditional, non-flip headlight assembly located above the front bumper. The third generation of the Integra, which was manufactured from 1993-2001 with an optional 1.6l or 1.8l engine, features four distinctive circular headlights. Two headlights are located above the front bumper on both the right and left side of the car. The fourth and final generation of the Acura Integra, which also is called the Acura RSX, was manufactured from 2001-2006 with a 2l engine. The headlights on the Integra’s fourth generation return to the more traditional look of the car’s second generation; however, the fourth generation headlights feature a sportier tear drop shape as opposed to the flat rectangular headlight found on the second generation Integra.

The Acura Integra is regarded for its handling, performance, and durability. Still, replacement of headlights and other secondary parts is often required. Owners of the first generation Acura Integra have reported issues with the motor in the headlight assembly that prevent the headlights from flipping up. First generation Integra owners have also reported that the left or right headlight sometimes stop responding to the dashboard control, and they flip up and down while the car is in motion. Both of these issues need to be corrected immediately as owners have reported that complete headlight failure can eventually result, making the car inoperable. Cracked headlight assembly seals can also allow condensation to seep inside and cause electrical damage in every generation of the Integra. In addition, the most common cause of all headlight failure is gravel or other projectiles shattering the headlight lens while the car is in motion.

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