Ford used its AL4D transmission first in 1985. These were for sale in medium-duty vehicles. You can still buy replacement units if you know where to find one. In all honesty, the durability and longevity are two traits the people love about the AL4D Ford transmission. Anyone who visits this website can learn the history of this build or complete a purchase.

There are four gears found inside of the bell housing. This does include one overdrive gear. This is located between the third and fourth gears. As a variant of the C3 gearbox, the AL4D shares the very same components inside. What is different though is the electronic control solenoids. A torque converter lockup clutch is how to tell the old versus new models.

Ford Motor Company stopped building the AL series in the 1995. Replacements were being created that offered more up front torque. It is very common to find a six-cylinder or even a four-cylinder utilized with the A4LD gearbox. Over a ten-year period, millions of assemblies were produced in global factories.

What might cause someone to look for a replacement unit can be narrowed down to a few things. The bushings can get worn. Rust and regular age will disrupt the strength of the parts. The internal pump is known to fail in high mileage vehicles. The seals might leak oil if they are rusted out or busted.

The replacement A4LD assemblies that are on sale here will fit these vehicles:


What you want to look for when ordering any preowned or remanufactured product is the warranty term. Without a good coverage option, you are destined to pay for all future repairs. The length of ownership from one person to another does degrade the transmission over time. How you can remedy this is to create a maintenance plan that works for you.

Order Second Hand Ford Gearboxes

Call into our company and find out our selling price. Let us know if you prefer reconditioned or certified used models. We still have the four-gear classic versions or the late 1990s products. Give us the basics of your vehicle. We will tailor the price to your specifications. We even built a way to get a quote into this website. The form on this page asks only the basic questions. Let us get you a good deal on the gearbox that you seek right now.

The full warranty and freight are two things we go over with you. Knowing what is not covered will save you from being angry in the future if you have a part failure. Pay less through our inventory and take advantage of our stock pile of vintage Ford transmissions.