Flywheel for 6.2 Diesel Engine

The GM 6.2 engine used a flywheel for its power in many Chevrolet vehicles. This is not the same type as the gasoline variants found in some motors. You can identify parts by the stamp number although these are not always correct. It is common for a car owner to have problems finding a flywheel for 6.2 diesel engine blocks. Auto Pros USA has a huge inventory of surplus diesel parts on sale on this website. The Detroit Diesel block was only built for a 10-year period in the United States. This was the primary motor found inside of the C/K, Blazer and Suburban vehicles that offered the diesel as a gasoline fuel alternative. There were many manual shift transmissions that were connected to the 6.2 flywheel. The SM465 Muncie is one example. Used 6.2 Flywheel Parts To correctly install engine parts, you will need to have a good set of tools. The clutch pressure plates and other components should really be changed too. Just putting in the flywheel assembly might not fix some problems. A bend in the wheel or other defect is what will cause a majority of problems. The used 6.2 diesel flywheel for sale that we offer people on this website is known as a pull out. A junk GM brand vehicle has been taken apart. All of the components that are worthy of reselling have been removed. These are collected, graded, cataloged and then taken to our inventory. Everything is guaranteed to fit although might not have a stock part number. 6.2 Warranty Program APUSA has one of the strongest and longest plans for warranties available. The only way that we can keep our reputation growing is by treating customers […]

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Heater Core for GMC Sonoma

The heater core inside of GMC SUVs like the Sonoma is well-designed. This does not prevent it from needing replaced though. For one thing, it is not easy to get to when a swap is needed. The way that General Motors designed the interior requires removal of many things to get to defective parts. Auto Pros simplifies buying a used heater core for a GMC Sonoma. Sonoma Heater Core Failure Most people do not know that many devices are interconnected in vehicles. The core unit is always connected to the defroster and the A/C in most sport utility vehicles. This means that the real problem could be in more than one place. The typical signs that a heater core is failing include fogged interior windows. Warm coolant seeps into the air and fogs up the inside windows. You might or might not notice any leaking fluid while parked. Some radiator mixtures have scents mixed in with them to help a mechanic know there is an air leak somewhere. If the motor in a GMC vehicle is warm, the interior of the cab should be too. If it is cold, A Sonoma heater core replacement will be needed. DIY Core Parts Change There is one feeder tube and one tube to expel fluid in most radiators. Hooking this up is not the main problem. It is having to pull out the console, steering wheel and other parts just to get to the main element. The used SUV parts that are on sale through this website are shipped right to consumers or to a car service center. This does keep installation schedules on time. There are common and less common parts that fail on some vehicles. Years […]

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Fan Clutch for GMC Envoy

The fan clutch inside an Envoy from GMC does more than circulate air. It also provides some of the power that motors need to operate. The engagement of the clutch ensures turning at the right speed. At some point during SUV ownership, problems can lead to engine stalls. To buy a fan clutch for a GMC Envoy, use the price/order application on this page. Overspeed or Bearing Problems A clutch failure is supposed to remedied with error codes. There are only a few in GM documentation that specific fan problems. When overspeed happens, it means that the fan in spinning at too high of a rate. This can sometimes be caused by a faulty bearing. It might be related to an electrical connection. Getting this diagnosed properly will lead to the best use of repair dollars. GMC Envoy fan clutch replacement price does vary. There are now aftermarket companies that are involved in building clones. While these are machined, they are not exact companies of an OEM fan clutch. This may lead to problems when someone tries to install one. Fan Clutches from Junk Yards An alternative to going to a GMC dealership has always been a junk yard. Some consumers have no local company to purchase through. Getting a fair price is not easy though. All companies set the MSRP and then choose to provide a discount. Often times picking or pulling off your own part is not much cheaper than buying a used one. We deal exclusively with General Motors junk yards. More than a million components for V8 enabled vehicles can be ordered. What we like we put into a database. What we do not we pass on. This allows our parts […]

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