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What Are Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads are a fundamental automotive engine component, and are responsible for proper engine performance. They are a large, metal cast components that sit directly over the block, serving as a compression seal for the cylinders. They are typically made of cast iron or aluminum, and are precisely machined within exact tolerances. Inline engines have one long head with anywhere from four up to twelve cylinders, while V-6, V-8 and larger engines have two heads that split the total number of cylinders between them. They house the compression chambers, intake and exhaust ports and valve seats. They have interior water channels that connect with the water ports in the block so that antifreeze can pass through both for the purpose of keeping the engine at a specified operating temperature. The head holds various valve train components, typically consisting of rocker arm shafts, intake and exhaust valve seats, tappets, springs, keepers and valves. Some heads contain the camshaft which is responsible for opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves during a regular 4-cycle stroke period.

More Information

The cylinder head is subjected to the highest temperatures in the entire engine. This is a result of the explosion or power cycle within the cylinder. The most harm to cylinder heads comes in the form of excessive heat which allows sever expansion, flex and even cracking of the cast material. Head gaskets are metal or carbon composite gaskets that keep a seal between the cylinder head and the block—they can blow out or deteriorate, leaking exhaust gases, oil or water. Pistons that break free from their connecting rods can impact the top of the head, causing catastrophic damage to the head and valves. Leaks can occur between the intake and exhaust manifolds gaskets, which are directly bolted to the cylinder head.

Do you need to replace your heads?

The symptoms of a defective cylinder depends upon which part of it has failed. Blown head gaskets, which can cause head warping, routinely produce loud “plapping” noises accompanied by engine misfiring. Bad head gaskets can cause oil to leak into the water passages, causing a brown froth in the radiator. A defective head gasket or cracked head can cause water to leak into the oil pan, destroying its lubricating properties. When any of the valve train components fail, it can cause an engine miss, along with a metallic clacking or pounding noise. Other indications of cylinder head failure show in the discoloration of the exhaust smoke, most often a blue-white emission which denotes burning oil. Once major damage has occurred, it is time to replace the head and faulty components.

Re-manufactured and Used Cylinder Heads

Re-manufactured heads come in stripped or fully equipped form for all engine sizes and configurations. Re-manufactured heads match or exceed manufacturer’s specifications for performance and quality. Used heads that are in quality working condition are also available at reduced prices.

Where to find Cylinder Heads for Sale

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