Dodge Charger Headlights

'Dodge Hemi Charger'
RedTail_Panther / / CC BY-NC-SA

Dodge’s popular Charger car is one that has been around for a long time. Classic models from the 60s and 70s as well as its 21st century update make it a hit among auto enthusiast, especially those restoring or customizing their cars. Headlights are one of the easiest parts to customize but can also be a pain finding the right fit. The current model uses halogen lights with a variety available including OEM and projector types. There are many available out there and could fail in a variety of ways.A typical thought as to why Dodge Charger headlights might fail is simply that the light bulb burned out. This isn’t always the case though. If a bulb has been replaced and the light still isn’t working, it’s time to look at a different option. Another way that they could fail is bad wiring or circuitry. This itself could burn a bulb or keep one from functioning properly. For some unlucky owners the need to replace lights could be that it has been smashed in an accident or even as an act of vandalism. In which case, a complete change of part may be necessary since the ruined part may not be able to be salvaged.

The Dodge Charger is both an American classic sports car and a modern high performance vehicle. Still, it is like any other vehicle available on the market and it breaks down creating a need to look for parts with the best prices. This especially applies to custom parts like headlights, mufflers, and even hoods. It’s not easy to always find what is needed or wanted to replace the part. Headlights fit into this category particularly well. This is particularly true when you’ve put individualized lights onto the car. They are typically sold for a limited period of time and finding replacements can be hell. Luckily, can help with these unique situations by finding good used parts that could also save a lot of money.

Used parts, even on something as simply as a headlight, are not the villains that many retailers would like to make them out to be. They are often times the only way to find a customized part that is no longer being sold. This can be especially true for exterior body work. Buying a used part also means getting an original which is beneficial when restoring a car like a classic 1960’s Charger. The more original it is with regards to parts (even the lights) the more it may be worth.

Worried about pollution and unsafe working conditions? Buying a used part means recycling without the manufacturing of a new one, possibly made from lesser materials. You can use AutoProUSA to search for the parts you need to work on your restoration project or just to customize your car to your preferences with used parts at competitive prices. Save money, gas, and time by finding what you need online first. Let others compete to offer the best used parts.