The GM 6.2 engine used a flywheel for its power in many Chevrolet vehicles. This is not the same type as the gasoline variants found in some motors. You can identify parts by the stamp number although these are not always correct. It is common for a car owner to have problems finding a flywheel for 6.2 diesel engine blocks. Auto Pros USA has a huge inventory of surplus diesel parts on sale on this website.

The Detroit Diesel block was only built for a 10-year period in the United States. This was the primary motor found inside of the C/K, Blazer and Suburban vehicles that offered the diesel as a gasoline fuel alternative. There were many manual shift transmissions that were connected to the 6.2 flywheel. The SM465 Muncie is one example.

Used 6.2 Flywheel Parts

To correctly install engine parts, you will need to have a good set of tools. The clutch pressure plates and other components should really be changed too. Just putting in the flywheel assembly might not fix some problems. A bend in the wheel or other defect is what will cause a majority of problems.

The used 6.2 diesel flywheel for sale that we offer people on this website is known as a pull out. A junk GM brand vehicle has been taken apart. All of the components that are worthy of reselling have been removed. These are collected, graded, cataloged and then taken to our inventory. Everything is guaranteed to fit although might not have a stock part number.

6.2 Warranty Program

APUSA has one of the strongest and longest plans for warranties available. The only way that we can keep our reputation growing is by treating customers fairly. Too many people are in the business to make a quick buck. Our company model fits into the needs of local auto repair shops as well as the general public.

The salvage 6.2 engine parts for Chevy vehicles that we retail carry a long-term plan of coverage. We are the only ones pulling off the components; therefore, we know the condition. The coverage plan is just an additional assurance policy. Each part is tested with THM automatic and manual gearboxes.

Buy Flywheels for Diesel Engines

General Motors diesel components make up one section of our warehouse. We are always building a 6.5 and 6.2 better inventory. Full prices are featured to anyone using our locator tool. Typing in the basic details of your vehicle will ensure you get our current discounts. Review everything that we display to you and then you can order.

You may call our order department by phone. You can even check on the SKU or casting number. We can do a quick comparison to guarantee that you will receive a direct fit product. We arrange super fast shipping to anywhere inside of North America. You are dealing with automotive specialists when you deal with our company.