Front Axle Replacement Parts

The front axle is a vital component to both vehicle reliability and safety.  On front wheel drive vehicles the front axle not only serves as the method of control for the front wheels but is also integrated into the transmission to provide the driving force to the wheels.  For these vehicles the front axle serves these two distinct purposes simultaneously.  The transmission powers the wheels through the front axle and steering wheel input is also transmitted through the axle to the wheels for directional control.  On a rear wheel drive vehicle the front axle serves a much simpler purpose, providing only directional control from steering wheel input.

There are a variety of reasons why a front axle would fail.  Many times this is simply related to the age of the vehicle.  Just as any other mechanical part has a given life span, front axles also tend to fail after a given period of time.  While they are typically made of rugged construction they are most likely to fail near joints or in places where they join up with other parts such as the transmission.  In addition, the way the vehicle has been operated may also have something to do with the lifespan of the front axle.  Vehicles that have spent the majority of their time on well paved roads and have been driven carefully are not likely to experience the same problems regarding the front axle as vehicles which have been operated on rough country roads or that have been aggressively driven.  Therefore, vehicles that are operated on ranches or in other situations where a four wheel drive vehicle is necessary are more likely to experience problems with the front axle due to the extreme driving conditions.  Emergency vehicles are also more prone to experience these problems for the same reasons.  Furthermore, cars that are designed to travel low to the ground may experience additional problems with the front axle because there is very little clearance between the road and the axle.  Therefore, many objects that could easily be cleared by other vehicles may be struck with such force that it causes damage to the front axle.  It is not uncommon for these cars to suffer extreme damage to the axle due to striking objects in the road.

There are a variety of reasons why you should shop with us when looking for replacement parts for your vehicle, including for a front axle.  The most important reason is that we have a network of suppliers that we work with which are located throughout the United States and these suppliers are competing for your business.  This means that you have the benefit of being able to find the exact parts that you need for your vehicle even when those parts may otherwise be difficult to find.  In addition, you can find these parts with the best possible prices because there is so much competition on the part of the suppliers.  Once you have located the part that you need we can have the parts shipped directly to you so you do not have to worry about where the part is located geographically.

The ability to find the part that you need quickly and easily is of paramount importance.  The front axle is essential on any vehicle and issues concerning the part will likely result in the vehicle being out of commission until it is fixed.  Therefore, the ability for you to find the part with a minimum of effort is important.  Once you have filled out the vehicle information with us, we can find the part for you and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.