Front Upper Control Arms

The front upper control arm on your car is just one part of the front suspension. The upper control arm is the piece that prevents the wheel from moving in a sideways direction. When the arm fails, your tire can tilt at an angle. When you need suspension parts, we can help you find everything you need at cheap prices. You do not need to waste your time searching all over the Internet. Enter the name of the part into our locator bar and get search results from our national auto parts database.

The tire and brake housing is connected to a bearing that is attached to a spindle or knuckle. The spindle allows the wheel to turn and move up and down. The base of the upper control arm assembly attaches to the frame of your vehicle. This attachment pivots on a bushing. The end attached to the knuckle pivots with a ball joint. If the control arm on your vehicle is in good condition, you may only need to replace the bushings.

Not all vehicles use the upper arm. Many vehicles with front-wheel drive use struts and only have a lower control arm. When you replace parts on the front end of your vehicle, you will often need to have a front-end alignment done. If you are the least bit unsure, have the alignment checked. Even a slight problem can cause poor handling and increase the wear on your tires.

Remember to use caution when you are working on suspension systems. In a coil spring assembly, the spring is compressed about halfway. The jack must be place properly, under the lower control arm, to prevent the spring from releasing when the upper control arm is removed.

You may need to replace other components along with the upper control arm. Rubber bushings can wear out quickly. You may also need to purchase grease to lubricate portions of the assembly. When you need to locate a front upper control arm for sale, we can help you find it. Simply enter the information into our search box at the top of this page and find discount prices on all the parts you need.