Shopping for Used Car Parts in Syracuse NY?

Have you been wondering if you should purchase used car parts to repair your vehicle? Perhaps you’ve been thinking that getting cheap used car parts is kind of a “too good to be true thing.” However, as with anything in life, there are going to be pros and cons.

For some people, there really is no financial way they can purchase new parts to repair their vehicles. In other instances, the new car part costs more than the car cost to begin with. Here is a real world example, a woman purchases a 1989 Toyota Carolla through an online classifieds ad. It’s a good car, needs a new muffler and never had any air conditioning. This was fine, until she had a child and found herself having to go out during the daytime hours to go to doctor’s appointments etc. Before her son was born, she could avoid getting stuck in traffic and even do most of her shopping and driving at night. Now, she has to go to offices that are only open during business hours.

She’s decided to move out of the city, so the traffic issues are going to be less significant, but traveling during the hours when the sun is the most hot is still something that’s unavoidable for her life Her car cost $1,300 online, and her ex got a quote to fix the air conditioner for $1,500. Her friend recommended a cheaper mechanic, but even if she gets a better quote, it might not be much less than the $1,500 quote. What should she do?

When parts go to salvage yards, they are generally salvaged from cars that have been in auto accidents or that have had other issues. However, just because a car was in an accident does not mean that every part of the car was affected. If you are considering purchasing used car parts, just make sure that you have your mechanic test out the functionality of the part that you are using. Some of the vendors you buy from at AutoProsUSA.Com test the parts they sell. If safety and reliability are a concern for you, then you should be working with vendors like these.

Local Syracuse Salvage Yards:

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