Nissan Titan Lower Control Arm Replacement

Dangerous or faulty suspension parts can cause accidents with little warning. We have available used Nissan Titan lower control arms. Titans were manufactured by Nissan in the United States from 2004 through 2009. This essential part of your suspension needs to have intact bushings, be undamaged and welded securely when installed. Failure of the control arm may cause the collar weld to separate which would mean that the vehicle handling will deteriorate, possibly resulting in a crash. In addition to having this specific part for your Titan, our website can locate other quality used OEM parts for your truck from our network of vendors. Fill out the request on this page to begin the process of selecting your parts. If you would prefer you may call our toll-free parts hotline on this same page.

The cause of failure of these parts on your Nissan Titan may have been because of a recall on the lower control arm that was never completed. This part could also need to be replaced because of failing welds. Other common problems occur with failed bushings, bent arms or poor maintenance on this suspension part. Driving over extremely rough terrain may have bent the lower arm. Replacements should be free of these problems and be installed properly. Having a fully functional suspension is necessary to avoid crashes. Use our services to find the best used part for your Nissan Titan.

When you use our parts finder you will receive bids for your part in your inbox, or by phone or text. Once you have your bids for your parts you deal directly with the salvage yard to arrange payment and shipping to your location. Using our website keeps good parts out of the landfill and back into use. It also saves you, the parts shopper time and leg work while searching for the best deal on a used OEM part.

Look for your used Nissan Titan lower control arm replacements and other used Nissan parts online for the best value and the quickest service around. Use our parts finder today!