Subaru Headlight Replacement Parts

The most widely-used technology in automotive lighting today is Quartz-Iodine (QI). QI technology uses a small bulb which fits inside a lens/reflector assembly. Inside the bulb is the tungsten filament which heats up and emits the light.

Modern sealing techniques and materials protect the reflector and make it far less vulnerable to corrosion (from moisture seeping inside the unit) than earlier headlight technologies.

What Causes Headlights to Fail

So, what is it that causes headlights to fail? Several factors, actually.

Subaru headlights are made of thick glass and polycarbonate and are said to be impact-resistant, but a rock could get through and knock out the headlight.

Another cause of headlight failure is simply that the filament has to go sometime. Filaments can take only so many years of electricity heating them up time and again. A light bulb is designed to last 5 or 6 years, but its life will be cut short if you drive at night a lot.

Cold weather can affect the light bulb by making it brittle and, therefore, more fragile.

Did you know that shaking and rattling can reduce the life of your car’s light bulb? Potholes, bumping into things, and even slamming your car’s hood can shorten the life of the filament.

The difference

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Read this before you install your bulb

You should always wear clean gloves or use a paper towel or clean rag when installing a replacement bulb. Why? Because your skin leaves oil on the bulb’s glass. This oil gets excessively hot when the headlights are on and can shorten the life of your replacement bulb.

Using the special parts finder is easy, fast and efficient

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