Superchargers for Sale

Pro Auto USA is your source for quality auto parts! If you are looking to add horsepower, have your hot rod look, perform and sound like the powerful machine that it is, and boost efficiency, a supercharger may be just what you need. Pro Auto USA has the top brands in superchargers to make your car perform at its best. Simply input your vehicle’s make and model into the easy parts finder box to locate the supercharger that will fit your car and your budget.

The supercharger has been around for awhile. It was invented in the late 1800s and put to use on one of the earliest internal combustion engines. In 1921, Mercedes was the first automaker to put a supercharger on a series of vehicles distinguished as “Kompressor” models.

The internal combustion engine is powered by fuel that is vaporized by air. This process takes place in either a carburetor or fuel injection system. After vaporizing, the fuel/air mixture goes into the intake manifold where it is pulled by the downward stroke of the piston into the cylinder. When the piston returns, the fuel/air mixture is greatly compressed and then ignited by the spark from the spark plug. This explosion causes the piston to advance again. When the engine is given more fuel/air, the pistons move faster and with more force. This results in increased horsepower. A supercharger is basically an air compressor with a cooling system that delivers cooler, more compressed air to your vehicles intake. This allows a higher fuel to air ratio, which delivers more useable fuel to your engine and greatly increases torque and power.

There are three types of superchargers used in automobiles today.

The centrifugal turbocharger is powered by gas from the exhaust and is highly efficient. This is the type of supercharger most commonly used by automobile manufacturers today.

The centrifugal supercharger is powered via a belt drive that is powered by the engine itself. This type is the least effective and most automakers have abandoned this type of supercharger in favor of the more efficient turbocharger.

The positive displacement pump is a commonly installed aftermarket part. The Roots blower, the Lysholm twin-screw and TVS (Eaton) blower are the most common superchargers using the positive displacement pump. These superchargers tend to be less efficient than the turbochargers, however, they are most commonly used when engine power and response is the biggest factor, outweighing fuel economy and efficiency. It is very common to see positive displacement pumps on drag cars and hot rods.

Whichever type of supercharger system you choose for your vehicle, you can be sure that Pro Auto USA has what you need at the best prices around.