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The U.S. production of the C3 gearbox in the Ford family lasted from 1974 to 1989. This automatic edition is one of the best three-speed units produced for a variety of vehicles. Before spending money on a used C3 transmission for sale, it is helpful to know more about the history of this unit. Paying retail price or higher for a used Ford transmission is the mistake some buyers make.

A C3 transmission swap is the industry term for changing out a defective unit or upgrading to a compatible design. Because the C3 is a versatile design, there can be confusion with some car owners about the compatibility of some units. Pro Auto USA offers a direct way to buy C3 used gearboxes without the usual high sticker price. Making a complete C3 transmission removal is easier with a long-term components partner in the industry.

Best Used C3 Transmissions Prices for U.S. Internet Orders

The Ford Pinto was the one of the first applications of three-speed C3 due to its smaller size. While the reputation of being a four-cylinder compatible gearbox is solid, the early A4LD technology has made this unit compatible with inline 6 and standard V6 motors by Ford. There are USA and European installations of the original C3 transmissions. The types sold here offer the best used condition unit pricing to consumers who are learning to buy a gearbox.

Ford C3 transmissions have been used in a variety of smaller and medium sized vehicles. The original three-speed designs from 1974 to 1989 did not use the overdrive gears that are found in the replacement A4LD. Some of the vehicles compatible with these three-speed automatic gearboxes include the following:

Ford Thunderbird
Mercury Capri
Mercury Marquis
Ford Fairmont
Ford LTD
Ford Grenada
Ford Mustang

How to Purchase Ford C3 Transmissions Easily

A person who plans to purchase an authentic but preowned gearbox on this website can complete a transaction in real time. Making use of the Ford transmission quotation tool simplifies any order processing. An exact quote for C3 transmission parts or complete transmissions can be found on this website. This provides one of the easiest ways to explore prices for a C3 transmission upgrade.

The automatic Ford transmissions that are now quoted online are also quoted through telephone calls. The staff of auto professionals who take care of the support at Pro Auto USA are reachable daily. This provides a VIN number and compatibility check for every C3 gearbox for sale. This ensures any person is making the right decision before committing to buy.