Used Cummins 24v Engines For Sale

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The Cummins 24 valve design, also referred to as the ISB, is a design that’s an upgrade to the earlier Cummins 12 valve. It’s a straight six design, with six cylinders in a row instead of a “V”. The 24v uses the same basic block design of the earlier 12 valve, but has important upgrades to the engine controls, injection pump and injectors. With 5.9 liter displacement and using cast iron for the basic block and head components, it’s a very durable engine. The ISB uses the the Bosch VP44 injection pump, a rotary vane design. The upgrade from the earlier mechanical engine resulted in lower exhaust emissions and more controllable power. This particular engine is also compatible with OBD-II diagnostics. It was supplied in Dodge Ram trucks from 1998 to 2002, but can also be found in other medium and heavy duty vehicles.

With the durability of the legendary Cummins design it is perfectly suited to industrial, heavy duty and light truck applications. With the electronic controls, modifications to the power mapping are possible while in use, as long as an after market engine controller is used.

All of the Cummins 6B series engines are sought after for engine conversion replacements, often in Ford or Chevrolet trucks, in addition to being Dodge OEM replacement engines. Many after market builders search long and hard for these engines.

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