The 4R100 is a Ford transmission that was made for sale in 1999. It is a variant of the famous C6 gearbox. It was created for use in rear-wheel drive trucks and SUVs. There are a total of four gears inside the housing. It was the unit that replaced the famed E4OD assembly. Before someone buys a 4R100 Ford transmission here, the fluid type should be known to ensure lubrication is available.

The controls in the four-gear assembly are part mechanical and part computer. There are clutch packs and solenoids that perform all of the functions that a manual unit used to perform. Ford upgraded its overdrive units to include 1000 pounds of foot torque. All variants of the 4R series use Mercon V ATF fluid.

A magnetic drain plug is installed a the factory to make draining the pan easier. This plug is also used to collect any metal shavings that might fall out of the unit. Too much excess metal is a bad thing for the internal workings of the transmission. It is one thing that leads to expensive repairs for the average person. The used 4R100 transmissions that we sell here are guaranteed to function like a top condition product.

The Triton motor as well as the Powerstroke can be utilized with the four-speed 4R100. These represent the primary engines that truck and SUV owners count on for performance. The reverse mounts on the assembly made it the perfect fit behind the V8 block. If you will swap the 4R series, the actual work involved is not too difficult.

The question that many consumers ponder is were do buy a used 4R100 transmission. There are resources at the local, state and national level. Choosing a retailer is not so easy these days. Even with the assortment of junk yards available, quality and condition are still questioned. Validating mileage and parts stability is now harder than ever.

Auto Pros USA is a premier resource for vintage and late model gearbox assemblies. We have these in rebuilt and in used condition. We see both sides of the coin. On one hand, a person can save a little on a preowned model. On the other hand, it does pay to have something factory reconditioned. The very team of experts working here have decades of Ford parts experience behind them.

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