The Caprice was one Chevy vehicle that used several transmission types. Locating the right one can be confusing. There were three-speed, four-speed and six-speed models available. While the Caprice is no longer a regular production automobile, parts are still sourced from junk yards and other nationwide resources. Auto Pros USA sells used Chevy Caprice transmission assemblies cheaper than competitors.

Not many consumers have any luck finding the older turbo-hydramatic gearboxes used before the 1990s. These are harder and harder to find but it is not impossible. We have an assortment of those left, but a larger stock of the electronic shift type. You can match the production year of your Caprice with our current inventory.

Gearboxes Used in Caprice Cars

GM rearranged its entire catalog of auto parts in 1992. A new naming practice was adopted and all earlier SKU numbers were terminated. The 700R4 was changed to 4L60. You may or may not know what the ā€œEā€ stands for at the end of the number. This letter lets you know that you are buying a fully electronic automatic transmission.

AP USA has the following Caprice four-speed or six-speed assemblies in stock:


The American and foreign market both had the same vehicle types produced. People who live in different countries like Canada have a need for a replacement unit as well. We ship out to Canada. All of the major cities and territories are covered.

Caprice Transmission Warranty Policy

There is no mistake in what we retail daily. You can only find used stock. We might be able to find you a rebuilt Chevrolet Caprice transmission, but we cannot guarantee it. You will have to sort through listings that we display in our inventory computer. finds and acquires a lot of the vintage Chevy parts.

A warranty that will protect your DIY installation is offered. This term plan extends well past the time after you make a purchase. We do guarantee that the electronics or units without electronics will function properly. A quick cleaning and compression test do validate that zero problems exist.

Find Used Caprice Automatic Transmissions

Whatever the type you need it can be found here. Just type in the year of your vehicle and we do the rest. We do not even need to know your name or address. The common data we require is just the size of the motor. Provide your e-mail address and your quote will be sent there. If you call us on the phone, we answer quickly. Buyers here never wait around to get a full sale price or other information from our company.