The heater core inside of GMC SUVs like the Sonoma is well-designed. This does not prevent it from needing replaced though. For one thing, it is not easy to get to when a swap is needed. The way that General Motors designed the interior requires removal of many things to get to defective parts. Auto Pros simplifies buying a used heater core for a GMC Sonoma.

Sonoma Heater Core Failure

Most people do not know that many devices are interconnected in vehicles. The core unit is always connected to the defroster and the A/C in most sport utility vehicles. This means that the real problem could be in more than one place. The typical signs that a heater core is failing include fogged interior windows. Warm coolant seeps into the air and fogs up the inside windows.

You might or might not notice any leaking fluid while parked. Some radiator mixtures have scents mixed in with them to help a mechanic know there is an air leak somewhere. If the motor in a GMC vehicle is warm, the interior of the cab should be too. If it is cold, A Sonoma heater core replacement will be needed.

DIY Core Parts Change

There is one feeder tube and one tube to expel fluid in most radiators. Hooking this up is not the main problem. It is having to pull out the console, steering wheel and other parts just to get to the main element. The used SUV parts that are on sale through this website are shipped right to consumers or to a car service center. This does keep installation schedules on time.

There are common and less common parts that fail on some vehicles. Years such as the 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2003 seem to have the most interior issues. The Sonoma and its siblings are factory built vehicles. Over the course of time, the seals, hoses and other OEM components will eventually give out. This will require a flush and swap.

Buy OEM GMC Heater Cores

The only units found on this website are originals. These are not aftermarket assemblies passed off to the public. What is provided is remove professionally during a disassembling procedure. An experienced worker takes out the core unit and checks it for leaks. The surface is reviewed and a grade is given to the stock.

Get fast and accurate pricing at The easiest quotation tool on the planet is available for 365/24/7 usage on this page. Please give us your model year and engine size. This helps the computer to look up the right parts to make a match. When all is completed, a really low price is then distributed. Let our team process your used radiator parts orders.