The side mirror used in Ford Focus vehicles is the same for the driver and passenger side. What changes is the shape of the ABS plastic. There are retaining clips and a bolt that are on the rear side of the assembly. These will not match every trim year though. Auto Pros USA has a side mirror for a 2008 Ford Focus in stock. These are used products.

Mirrors Fit 2008 to 2011

Ford Motor Company used the exact same style, size and shape for the display through the 2011 production year. These units have ridges on the section where it connects to your vehicle. This is not the same version as what appears on the 2002 through 2007 cars. A carrier bolt with a pigtail chain is attached to secure those earlier editions.

The tabs on the back of the replacement Focus side mirror are plastic. These are known to break of placed under pressure. Vehicles that are involved in a hit and run usually have the plastic assembly broken. This component is one most common to swap out on the compact passenger cars by Ford.

Replacing Your Ford Focus Mirrors

You have the choice between aftermarket or OEM. There are companies in Japan and the United States that produce direct fit side mirrors. These are not licensed by Ford although these are less expensive compared to official components. APUSA supplies junk yard Focus car parts to its consumers.

The best thing about these editions is that you do not need tools for assembly. The clips line up in the same spot. All you have to do is press the mirror onto the holder and it will fit. What we do is remove the front and passenger side assemblies from junked vehicles. This does keep quality high because we sometimes refuse to take in some used auto parts.

Buy Ford Focus Side Mirrors Here

You need to have your exact model year available before you try to order. You first need to inquire about our sale prices. The computer system will tabulate how much of a discount that is applied to each SKU number. The size of the Zetec or Ecoboost motor will need to be included as well. This helps us match your product without asking for your VIN number.

When you get to the price screen, you can review what you will pay. If this the best price, you can begin to place an order. The used Ford Focus mirrors that we are selling get shipping ultra fast. You can a product warranty that will easily cover your installation. Our parts team will help you through all phases of the research and buying process. Get started right now.