Do you need to replace your 4R44E transmission from Ford? We have them used or rebuilt. There are some things you need to learn prior to swapping any gearbox. You are dealing with an automatic four-speed assembly. It was used for the first time in the 1995 year. The Ranger and the Explorer predominantly made use of the 4R44E Ford transmission. Use this website to research and to place an order.

Ford Motor Company began utilizing electronics in the 1990s. Long gone were the days of just having a manual assembly that was powered with hydraulic fluid. With computers and overdrive gears, things were more complex with the four-gear models. The installation of shift solenoids and lockup clutch converters improved performance, but are more costly to repair.

There are common issues with a 4R44E that might cause someone to seek a replacement. The clutch packs could fail prematurely. This happens due to overheating and because of electrical system issues. If you have a sluggish up shift or down shift pattern, it is likely there is a solenoid that has malfunctioned.

The AL4D is what the 4R series was built upon. Ford learned from its mistakes and wanted to build a better assembly. The growth in the parts sector has been dominated by computer designs and better engineering. Like GM and Dodge before, automatic assemblies were making the shift towards greatness in the 20th century.

You can always change the type of pan that is installed in your vehicle. This will keep the gearbox lubricated and keep potential contaminants out. Preventing overheating is the concept of good lubrication. One thing that the 4R44E transmissions require is a routine oil change. This keeps out the metal fragments and ensures a cooler temperature.

Some mechanics opt to change the servo motor covers without swapping the actual unit. This might not solve problems. It is expensive to take your unit into a Ford dealership and pay the full MSRP price. You might not even have a four-speed assembly that fits your vehicle because these were made more than 20 years ago.

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