Your Chevy 4×4 vehicle needs a good transmission. You can buy used here at APUSA. GM has developed modern gearboxes although still relies on some older types of technology. Things like computers and PCM now work together in motor vehicles. Driving a 4WD SUV or pickup truck is pretty stable with a hard working motor. Let us sell you a used Chevy 4×4 transmission for a really fair price.

Types of GM Gearboxes Available

Longitudinal mounted assemblies are almost always placed inside of Chevrolet vehicles. Unlike the older turbo-hydramatic, the various four-speed, six-speed and now eight-speed transmissions are built much better. Even though there are solenoids inside, a gracious shift without mechanic problems does occur.

You will find any of the following used assemblies in our warehouse here:


What is presented is just the Chevy compatible units. Some of the builds were not used equally inside of GMC or other subsidiaries. It was very common for General Motors to stick with just a handful of assemblies during regular production. This accomplished a uniform method of cataloging the components. The old number scheme across all company brands did not help the general public.

Transmissions for 4×4 Chevrolet

Apart from four-wheel drive, many automobiles are now manufactured to include AWD or all-wheel drive. Most of the gearing is automated through computer processes. Long gone are the days of just a 4WD in a couple of trim versions.

Find a used automatic transmission for the following Chevrolet vehicles:


Our list is not complete. It is just for reference. There are plenty of different styles and trim that are not presented. The point is to help you find a popular automobile that we support for used 4×4 transmissions on this website.

Buy Automatic Chevy Transmissions

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