The Focus by Ford came with a CD player and cassette option between 2000 and 2005. These can be purchased in used condition here. One thing that someone should realize about the automotive parts business is the shortage of interior parts. Almost anyone can buy a motor, transmission or replacement door. It is the Ford Focus CD player for sale that is harder to come by. has them in stock.

Compact Disc OEM or With Bezel

When shopping on the web for a CD player for a Ford Focus, you have to know which unit to buy. Ford Motor Company installed its factory models with a plastic bezel. This is the surrounding molding that goes around the perimeter of the metal assembly. When researching, it is referred to as a Focus CD player with a bezel.

The most common one to locate is called an OEM model. This is just the metal casing with the radio unit inside. It does not come with the plastic case. The price can change drastically when comparing each of these components. It is wise to ask prior to making an order which version will be shipped out.

Ford Radio Replacement Parts

The very same radio that was used inside of Mercury vehicles in the early 2000s will fit into the Focus. Pay attention to the size though. After the model year 2006, the size and shape of the compact disc player was changed. It was reduced in size. The shape is nowhere near like what was in the 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 models.

There are poor condition units and like-new ones being sole on eBay. This will not help a person to pay the MSRP if he or she just needs the knobs or LCD screen. There is a lot to consider when shopping for second hand Ford car parts. Auto Pros will help you. Do you need the single disc player or five-disc model?

Prices for Used Focus CD Players

Straight from our warehouse, the sticker prices are available to anyone shopping here. What some people do not know is that they are paying too much through auction companies. Buying from a salvage yard is risky unless you have a good source. The preowned sedan parts for sale that are provided to people here are top quality.

The full price for any of the replacement cassette players or compact disc players for Ford Focus motor vehicles is ready to review. Anyone can click on our components finder and start customizing the data. The year, make, engine type and some other basics will help us distribute your price. Get the full discount today or call us by phone.