The Taurus by Ford is one sedan that used a power steering pump. The seals do leak and this can lead to issues. An assembly that is not pumping fluid correctly will make it hard to steer. A lot of the same vehicles built in various factories used identical components. This means failures are more common than you think. You can buy a power steering pump for Ford Taurus cars right here at Auto Pros USA.

Diagnosing Taurus Steering Problems

Can you see leaking fluid? In most cases, the seal will begin to leak prematurely. A break can be found upon examination. As the fluid comes out of the pump, the serpentine belt will throw the fluid around the interior of the motor. It is easy to spot too much liquid upon a close examination of the motor. To change the Taurus power steering pump, you will have to remove the serpentine belt.

There are two pulleys that the belt is wrapped around. You can and should check these for proper rotation. A bent pulley is what might cause the actual pump issue. A wrench can be purchased from a local auto parts store to remove the assembly. You can get a better look at the unit once it is taken out of your vehicle.

Rebuilt Pumps Versus OEM

There are companies that now sell reman steering pumps. Some popular name brands do exist and the price is similar to what you will pay for a brand new one. What is changed out inside of these is a basic series of parts. In many respects, an OEM model that is in used condition has the same lifespan.

In any case, you do have to remove the coolant reservoir to correctly install the replacement pump assembly. The Sable from Mercury and other vehicles are designed exactly the same. The drop in units that we provide here at APUSA are junk yard products. We have taken these from salvage Taurus cars.

Warranty for Taurus Parts

You might need the pump or you might need all parts that are essential. We have them all in stock. All of these will carry a good warranty plan. The components are genuine. We do not have remanufactured or aftermarket editions. We guarantee that if you place an order that you will not have installation problems.

Buy Used Power Steering Pumps

Get the unit you need without worrying about the right part number. Our company does not use SKU or other casting numbers to identify components. Your model year and displacement of your V6 engine are all that we need. This allows us to look inside of our computer and find a match quickly. Use our parts locator to review the updated selling price.

After you complete these steps, call one of our helpful associates by phone. It is natural to inquire about mileage and the condition of the component. Let us begin to assist you right now. You will never find a cheaper web price for any used Ford auto parts online.