Every Focus vehicle from Ford has a voltage regulator inside. This unit makes sure that the alternator does not overcharge the stock battery. The check battery light can be illuminated to let you know there is an issue in the charging system. More often than not, a power problem exists that has nothing to do with the wiring harness. You can buy a used voltage regulator for Ford Focus cars here.

In many late model vehicles, a powertrain control module (PCM) is programmed to control voltage. The actual regulator acts as a pass through to the alternator. If an OBD-II error code does not alert of a PCM problem, a faulty voltage reading is likely the problem. This is the case when diagnosing an SVT Focus voltage regulator or other model.

Ford 6G Alternator Parts

The 6G is the most common type of charging system across a range of Ford automobiles. This unit is not found in every car parts store because it was exclusively manufactured. The voltage supply line could be corroded or the stator could not be functioning correctly if there is an issue. Diagnosing what is wrong will lead you to the right conclusion.

While AutoProsUSA.com does stock an OEM Ford Focus alternator, we also have the surrounding parts. Wires do get old and brittle. Rainwater does seep in under the hood and begin to short out components. There is a lot that will go wrong when owning a car. A motor vehicle break down is one of the highest expenses that an adult will have in their lifetime.

Warranty for Voltage Regulators

Some cars just seem to have more parts go bad than others do. In the Focus, the 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and up are most often in repair shops. This does not mean that manufacturing was lacking. Ford Motor Company mass produces parts and contracts production out to a number of companies. There are defects that happen.

Warranties are given to consumers buying products on this website. These are not factory policies although they are just as good. The plans are underwritten and enforced by the junk yard suppliers in our network. No one should have a total fear of used automobile parts.

Buy Used Ford Focus Parts

We support many sedan, coupe and wagon trim vehicles. This means that anyone who has access to this portal can start looking up pricing. The VIN is not a piece of data that is needed although will be helpful to us. By selecting the correct make and model of a car, prices and discounts are automatically generated. Our qualified staff is available to talk over the phone too. Give us a try instead of your local shop. There is a great chance we are cheaper.