Do you need an F350 tailgate for sale? Tired of eBay? Get one for a low price here. Our F-Series parts inventory is amazing. We have the badge, cover, latch and other parts needed to successfully undertake a replacement tailgate Ford F350 job. By coordinating our buying through second hand resources, Auto Pros USA is always building up inventory to sell.

You can forget about going to your local Ford dealership for a tailgate. The price is way too expensive. The delivery will still take weeks. There are aftermarket F350 tailgates, but these do not have the emblem and can rust easier. The best scenario when faced with these problems is to swap a gate with one of our OEM units.

Molding – Trim and Bolts

To replace your F350 tailgate correctly, you need some of your own tools. If the molding is worn out, you will have to get it replaced eventually. We sell that too. The trim and the bolts used for connecting the assembly are also required. This is part of what is not sold on auction websites when you want a tailgate that fits an F-Series pickup truck.

The actual replacement is not what takes long. The removal of the old gate is a little time consuming. The average person who uses a standard set of tools can complete the job in an hour or too. Getting your hands on the necessary parts does not have to be difficult.

Warranty for Ford Tailgates

We do guarantee that what you are buying is a factory product. Our disassemble procedures are in line with automotive recycling associations. A quick pullout is started. We gather up the parts keeping them in tact. These are sent to our warehouse. Consumers then start placing orders. This is the process of acquiring Ford junk yard parts for sale.

When our warranty is mentioned, no one rolls their eyes. The coverage does last long. It is not one of those generic 30-day plans like most resellers provide. You can count on what we provide you with. The useful life of an F350 tailgate is at least 20 years when taken care of.

Buy Ford Truck Bed Parts

Do you need a bed liner? What about a rear bumper? All of this stuff is arranged in our warehouse. We catalog and grade all of what can be ordered. This very data is what people expect to look at when they enter our computer database. The full scale of discount prices and delivery fees (if any) can be reviewed. Try out our company. We will not be beat.