The Ranger comes with an OEM tailgate latch also known as a handle. These can rust or even lock up on a truck owner. While they were built to withstand weather conditions, at some point a replacement will have to be considered. The expanded inventory we carry here at Auto Pros USA will help any person trying to find used parts. Buy a Ford Ranger tailgate latch or handle right here.

The bolts that help secure a standard latch can also rust. If you go to close your tailgate and it will not lock correctly, it could mean that deterioration has already set in. This is the point where most people start to think about replacing the Ranger handle with a new one. The problem is there are aftermarket and hard-to-find OEM latches.

Aftermarket Versus All-Metal Handles

God bless the aftermarket parts industry. Sometimes, a really good part can be found. The accurate truth is that there are no guarantees when it comes to third-party parts. Shoddy manufacturing, plastic parts and components that rust too easily are common. Ford installed all-metal latches for all of its Ranger trucks. Dealerships charge way too much for a replacement if you can even find one.

The best way to replace the latch is to find a factory package. What sell here includes the handle, bolts and any other components essential to an installation. It is really cost effective. You can then know that what you are buying will not break or rust too quickly. We ship inside of North America to hundreds of consumers monthly.

Easy Ranger Tailgate Latch Install

Because our parts are factory originals, you will not have to struggle wondering why something will not fit right. A standard wrench and a couple of minutes of your time is all that you need to replace a rusted latch assembly. Paying the best price for components is probably what you are trying to find when shopping online. We can help you with that.

Our Ford parts junk yards are massive. These are found in California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and other states known for millions of truck sales annually. Our first pick access to these yards means that we always have the used Ford Ranger truck parts that you need. This is a guarantee.

Buy Second Hand Ranger Parts

You have a choice to make. You can drive to your local automotive parts store or you can wait a couple of days for a delivery. Too many people cannot find something locally as simple as a tailgate latch. We have hundreds of them in stock and not just for the Ranger pickup. Go ahead and take a look in our warehouse computer we supply. It is free and really fast. Call over the phone if you want too.