The fan clutch inside an Envoy from GMC does more than circulate air. It also provides some of the power that motors need to operate. The engagement of the clutch ensures turning at the right speed. At some point during SUV ownership, problems can lead to engine stalls. To buy a fan clutch for a GMC Envoy, use the price/order application on this page.

Overspeed or Bearing Problems

A clutch failure is supposed to remedied with error codes. There are only a few in GM documentation that specific fan problems. When overspeed happens, it means that the fan in spinning at too high of a rate. This can sometimes be caused by a faulty bearing. It might be related to an electrical connection. Getting this diagnosed properly will lead to the best use of repair dollars.

GMC Envoy fan clutch replacement price does vary. There are now aftermarket companies that are involved in building clones. While these are machined, they are not exact companies of an OEM fan clutch. This may lead to problems when someone tries to install one.

Fan Clutches from Junk Yards

An alternative to going to a GMC dealership has always been a junk yard. Some consumers have no local company to purchase through. Getting a fair price is not easy though. All companies set the MSRP and then choose to provide a discount. Often times picking or pulling off your own part is not much cheaper than buying a used one.

We deal exclusively with General Motors junk yards. More than a million components for V8 enabled vehicles can be ordered. What we like we put into a database. What we do not we pass on. This allows our parts buyers to get the very best service.

Prices for Used GMC Clutch Parts

The fan clutch, AC clutch and a number of other parts are in our computer system. We give access to daily to men and women. Our services also reach into Canada. We do commercial and residential deliveries. The yards that supply us even cover the warranty period. Shoppers get a win-win scenario working with Auto Pros USA.

Go ahead and take a look at our price list online or get it offline. Call into our call center. Our staff of employees waits to help the average person or small body shop with orders. Friendliness is important. You will never be rushed off the telephone. We also do not insult your intelligence. You are busy and we are too.