The OEM heater core inside of a Ford Taurus will fail eventually. It is expensive to let a mechanic swap it for you. There are plenty of DIY option to do the work yourself. What you will need are just some basic tools and a couple of hours of time. Here at Auto Pros USA, we have a used heater core for Ford Taurus cars that is ready to drop in for a lesser price.

Flush and Install

Removing any excess fluid is very smart. It may already be leaking, but it all needs to come out. The last thing you want is a wet interior floorboard. The signs of a failure are not always easy to spot. Fluid does not just gush out of the seals. It leaks slowly over time. A couple of drops here and there start to take a toll over a couple of months.

The installation is where some people get confused. The dashboard will have to be taken out. There is only two valves that are attached to a Taurus heater core. One accepts the fluid and one transfers it away. Correctly diagnosing that the lines or seals are bad is the first step before the installation can begin.

Aftermarket Heater Core Vs. Used

It is a simple reality. Aftermarket parts are not built in Ford Motor Company factories. This is why the retail price is usually cheap. If you are lucky, you will get a year or two out of a component made in China. The hoses usually leak. A permanent install should be made with a preowned radiator core. The salvaged units from junked automobiles is a safe alternative.

What can be ordered from our company is second hand inventory. We have already taken steps to be 100 percent certain of components quality. A quick test for leaking fluid and hose stability has been completed. Nothing will be stored in our warehouse that is inferior.

Used Ford Taurus Heater Parts

A complete assembly is what people buy here. The price is right. The delivery is fast. Why waste time going to local auto stores? Older parts are almost impossible to find. There is more than a million SKU numbers that are available to research using our website. This includes every single OEM heater core used in Ford Taurus cars since 1985.

You do have the freedom to call and ask our staff pricing by phone. This is pretty popular for people who do not have the time to wait a couple minutes for a quote online. The in-house warranty and other data will be relayed through a normal phone conversation.