Used Automotive Hood Hinges For Sale

Automotive hood hinges are simply what their name would imply they are. They come in pairs, and they are the hinges that connect your car’s hood to the actual body of the automobile. They also allow the hood to be lifted and closed very smoothly. Hood hinges come in many different varieties. There are traditional designs, scissor designs, and many other types of designs. They are also made from many different materials. Many automobile hoods require specific hood hinges that have been designed specifically for that vehicle. There are certain universal designs, but these designs are really intended more for muscle cars than anything else. It is often preferred to get the hinge that is designed for your particular vehicle if you require a replacement.

A parts finder service is a simple, yet effective, type of service. A car owner can use the service’s website to find the part that they are looking for. After the service knows what part it is looking for, it will typically scour over an entire database of salvage yards that the service has a special deal with. At the end of the day, all that is required from the user is to choose a part within their price range. These services are like having an insider connection with salvage discount lots all across the country!


A lot of consumers wonder why they simply cannot buy their replacement hood hinges from their local dealer. While this is certainly possible, keep in mind that dealers apply a ridiculous amount of mark up to these parts. Even a part as simple as a pair of hood hinges can run over several hundred dollars when bought new from a dealer! Many people are in disbelief when they learn this for the first time.