Best Electric Pressure Washer 2016

A pressure washer is a very handy machine to have around. The folks who own them love them, and the ones who don’t have one simply think they will never use one. People tend to think of it as a hassle to have to make sure it’s full on gas, and then have to haul it to their desired destination. The Blue Clean AR383 is probably just what you have been missing. The AR383 is a high powered electric pressure washer. This machine does the job just as good as a gas powered pressure washer; the only difference is that the AR383 is much more convenient.

Even though the AR383 pressure washer is electric, it still hurls water out at 1900psi at 1.5 gpm. That is more than enough power to clean the mower, wash up your car, clean the driveway, and even clean off your deck. You won’t have to worry about applying to much pressure to whatever you are washing because the power of the washer is controlled by the trigger. You can tackle a wide variety of jobs with the included accessory kit complete with gun, adjustable jet nozzle, high pressure hose and lance with foam dispenser.

The Blue Clean AR383 has 2 wheels and a mounted handle for easy travel. With the 30ft power cord and the 20 ft hose, you won’t really have to bust out the extension cords with all of that slack. To top that off the hose is connected to a reel, so when you’re done you simply wind the hose back up. This pressure washer is lightweight, very mobile, easy to use, and reels the hose back up for you, now that is convenient.

We have done our research and found the following information for a few pros and cons of the Blue Clean AR383.


  • The unit itself is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Included a wide variety of attachments, to tackle almost any job.
  • There is an adjustable spray tip on the wide angle wand.
  • For an electric pressure washer, the AR383 packs a lot of power.


  • Over time the plastic hose adapter leaks. (Simple solution would be to get a brass male to male hose adapter at your local hardware store.)
  • Not as powerful as a gas pressure washer.
  • You sometimes have to guide the hose onto the reel to fit on just right.

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