Having problems with a Chevy Cavalier starter or motor is common in certain model years. GM outsourced most of its electrical parts to companies like Bosch and ACDelco in the U.S. Correctly identifying the problem why a vehicle will not startup can determine if an ignition problem exists. A person can purchase a used Chevy Cavalier starter for sale right from this parts portal.

Diagnosing Common Starter Problems

Chevy is just one of the brands that seem to have problems that plague multiple types of cars, trucks and SUVs. While most issues can be corrected, making a proper diagnosis is important. Components often differ from manufacturer to manufacturer in the auto parts industry.

The following list of the common problems people face can determine if a defect exists in the motor or starter assembly:

1. Faulty ignition key switch
2. Clicking sound is heard
3. Bad clutch pedal switch (manual transmission)
4. Poor crank shaft sensor
5. Failed solenoid
6. Blown starter fuse
7. Faulty coils

The type of on-board diagnostic tool needed to find an electrical or mechanical problem might be different for each Cavalier car model. More than one error code can sometimes be displayed leaving people to incorrectly diagnose a Chevy starter problem.

OEM Part Numbers for GM Starters

Consumers have a choice when purchasing a replacement part: either buy one that is OEM or buy an aftermarket module. Most people know that original equipment manufactured parts will last the longest. GM has used the following OEM stock numbers to identify starter motors in Cavalier automobiles:

12575083, 89017523, 12564089, 12587865, 12581146 and 12586764.

Whether it is a bad solenoid or starter relay, the common Chevy Cavalier starter problems are listed on this page. Once the issue has been verified, buying a good condition replacement without paying a dealership price tag is the next smart move for an automobile owner. Everything from wiring harnesses to complete assemblies is available to buy on this website.

Quotes in Price for All Model Years

The factory production of the Chevrolet Cavalier spans more than two decades. People who own the 1992, 1994, 1005, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003 and other model years will find used parts on sale on this website. The definitive junk yard suppliers that offer these parts update inventory that is accessible here. A quick search of a production year or its VIN number is how to use the price estimator found at Auto Pros USA.

If a review of sticker prices is all that a person requires, a full price quotation might not be necessary. Someone who would like to speak about a used car starter problem and applicable part numbers can dial the customer support number found on this page. Support is available seven days a week.