Used Chevy Silverado Headlights

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If you think it’s a drag because your vehicle’s headlights need replaced, you should have been around in 1886. That’s when the world’s first gas-powered cars were manufactured in Europe.Those early cars didn’t have electrical lighting. Their “headlights” were actually lamps that ran on oil, or acetylene. Not only did these lamps not light much of the road ahead, they were easily snuffed out by heavy rain or strong winds. Imagine having to jump out and re-light those “headlights”!

Fortunately, in 1912, Cadillac changed automotive lighting forever by connecting car lights (now with filaments in them) to the electronic ignition system. This started as a revolution but eventually became the standard for automotive lighting, and is still the method used to light automobiles today, over 100 years later.

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How to Use Your Headlights When Driving in Fog

Driving in fog can be scary, especially at night. Most people don’t know how to drive in fog and can be intimidated by it, but they needn’t be. All they need do is keep cool, and follow some basic precautions:

• The first thing you should do is watch your speed. Slowing down gives you greater reaction time in case you run across any obstacles in the road.
• Leave your lights on low beam. High beams reflect off the fog and can blind you.
• Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you, if there is one ahead of you.
• Keep watching your speedometer. Driving in fog can make it seem as if you are driving more slowly than you actually are, since you can’t see landmarks going by.
• Use the intermittent setting on your wipers.
• Keep your windshield clear by running the defroster at least occasionally.
• Switch off the radio and any other devices that may distract you.
• Stay in the right lane. Doing this will make it easier to pull off to the shoulder if need be.
• Don’t feel you need to speed up if someone passes you. Let that fool take his chances. Better safe than sorry.
• If the fog is just too dense to drive in, pull over to the shoulder, turn your hazard lights on, and wait till the fog clears. And leave your lights on.

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