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1968 Dodge Charger R/T Avatar - Orangelight II
1968 Dodge Charger R/T | Scott Crawford / Car Photos / CC BY-ND

The Dodge motor company was founded by the Dodge brothers in 1900. Through a difficult period, from the death of the brothers to the sale of the company to Chrysler, the Dodge brand slipped in the automotive rankings. Dodge slowly began to erase this negative image by entering the lucrative muscle car market. In 1965 Dodge added the Charger to the sport lineup, a sales leader and eventual winner on the NASCAR circuit. Dodge quickly became a major player in the exciting muscle car industry. Cars like the Coronet, Super Bee and the Challenger helped pull Dodge out of a sales slump. Today the Challenger continues to be coveted among car enthusiasts.Truck buyers needing heavy duty towing power, began to look into the revitalized B series turbo diesel engine. This configuration became an option in 1993. With a distinct look and improved horsepower, the Dodge Ram truck began to grab an increasing share of the truck market. Along with the revamped Challenger and Charger, Dodge was again near the top of automotive sales.Today Dodge is known for two vehicles, the sporty Challenger, and the heavy duty Ram truck. The sales of these vehicles helped to keep Dodge afloat. Finding Dodge OEM parts for these vehicles is not a difficult task. The easiest way to find the parts you need for your Dodge vehicle is to use our parts finder. We search our massive database of suppliers to present the lowest possible prices on used parts.

There have been a few reported issues with Dodge vehicles, but their muscle cars and trucks remain solid sellers. The issues were corrected with the installation of the proper parts. Repairing the questionable issues is rectified with the right used OEM parts. Locating Dodge OEM parts for sale is simply a matter of knowing where to look on the Internet. Our parts finder is the answer this dilemma.

We are a quality parts locator service. Our huge database of vendors have a supply of used OEM parts for sale to match every automobile. When you enter the information about your vehicle, we immediately search for the suppliers with the best prices. The dealers compete against each other for your business in a “lending tree” like fashion. They do not make a sale unless they offer the finest parts for the lowest prices. Finding the best price for the replacement part you need for your Dodge vehicle, whether it be a truck or muscle car, is just a click a way. You will be amazed at the selection and price points our dealers can offer. The parts finder is simple to use, and you save money on the parts you need.