Honda S2000 Headlight Replacements

Headlights are an important part of any vehicle. Drive down a poorly lit road in a severe rainstorm with dim or improperly working headlights, and you will quickly understand why they are so important. Despite their usual durability, headlights go through an enormous amount of wear and tear which impedes performance and hampers the looks of your car.

jmr_s2k / / CC BY-ND

Sometimes, headlights begin to crack and take on water damage very quickly. Weatherproofing and seals dry and crack, allowing moisture in. The glass will also dull and become cloudy which is not so easy to polish out. Many sports cars, like the Honda S2000, put their headlights through added wear and tear by hitting road debris at higher speeds, and subjecting their vehicles to more vibration and disturbance.

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