Junk Yard Auto Parts for Sale

Junk Yards, Salvage Yards and Auto Wrecking Yards

Finding sources for auto parts can be time consuming. If you buy from dealerships, you probably know how difficult it can be to get a good price. There are thousands of secondary sources for parts in the U.S. These companies service many local towns and cities. The Pro Auto USA resource offers easy access to junk yards, salvage yards and auto wrecking yards. We bring buyers and sellers together.  We cut out the hassles and issues. Finding parts for sale is easy here. You can use our database located on this page to begin your parts search.

The Auto Pros database is complete. This means our partner suppliers update inventory often. Using the quote system provided on this page allows easy comparisons in price and in quality. You need the part year and make to get started. Hundreds of sourcing compete to give you low prices. You get to review these prices. This way of searching for preowned parts is a 21st century alternative to working with a local retailer.

Parts Stocked by Junk Yards

A junkyard is an excellent source for used parts. These companies get leftover vehicles that are damaged in the front, side or rear body portion. Insurance companies usually sell whole vehicles at private auctions. Yards bid on the overall price of the vehicle. These vehicles are stripped down and parts are removed. A simple process of inspection is offered. This attaches grades to each part. There is a such thing as gently used and excessively used. It is important to ask a seller what type is offered. If you buy used parts, the majority are sourced from larger yards.

Parts Stocked by Salvage Yards

A salvage company purchases titles from insurance companies or vehicle owners. These titles belong to vehicles that are written off due non-repair. Some vehicles in collisions cannot be repaired and are salvaged for remaining working parts. A salvage part can range in quality. Not all dealers get the best salvage parts. High mileage, excessive wear and natural deterioration of parts represent salvaged editions. If you buy salvage auto parts, some are sold without warranties included.

Parts Stocked by Auto Wrecking Yards

A wrecking yard accumulates vehicles that have been stripped of most working parts. There are many parts used in automobile creation. Not all of these are sold on the secondary market due to lack of demand. Yards that stock wrecked vehicles usually part out each piece until the metal is all that remains. The metal is sold to companies to melt down to make steel products. These yards represent the final portion of the automobile lifespan. Vehicles older than 1980 usually exist through wrecking  yards for purchase. If you buy wrecking yard parts, your options could be limited but pricing is less expensive.