Meguiars Professional Dual Action Polisher Review

After washing your vehicle it sure is nice to polish it up and make it shine like no other. The only hassle with that is it does take quite a while doing it by hand. It would be nice to get it to look professional by hand but that would take hours. Well we think the Meguiars Dual Action Professional Polisher is just what you have been missing. This polisher right here is the cats meow, it allows you to do a professional grade buff or polish in no time.

The soft touch finish prevents from damaging your cars paint with any scratches. But with the internal feedback circuit, more torque is applied wind downward force to increase the amount of shine you will get.  This Dual Action Polisher has a RPM range from 1800rpm all the way up to 6800rpm. That’s the largest speed range you can find in this polisher’s class.

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Meguiars dual action produces a low risk rotation and orbit patter that gives you much better results than a simple hand polish. Not only does this Meguiars polisher work faster with less effort, it gives you the ability to say “I did that” when your car is shining like no other. This polisher was designed to be used by anyone, even those who have little to no experience with power machines.

The dual action is exactly what you think it is, it moves two different directions at the same time. Hence is why this is a professional grade tool, it delivers the best results without damaging the paint or leaving any swirl marks.  You can always get the job done to your liking with your Meguiars Dual Action Polisher with the variety of pads Meguiars sells. Choose from Meguiar’s Soft Buff Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing pads.

A product this great doesn’t come dirt cheap, but you can get your own for a very fair price. The list price is set at $249.99, but Amazon sells them for just $171.72 with free shipping. That is 31% percent off of the list price and gets shipped to your door for free; now that is what we call hassle free. They say time is money so save your time and invest your money on the great Meguiars Dual Action Professional Polisher, you will love it. To order yours now just go to Amazon’s site by clicking right here.