Best Power Steering Pressure HosePower Steering Pressure Hose

The types of auto parts that are used in manufacturing continuously change. The days of relying on manual steering components ended in the 1980s when power modules were used to assist with steering. The technologies that are now used for parts like a power steering pressure hose are contributing to vehicle longevity and safety. When buying a hose online, it’s essential that you look for common components to get the most out of your purchase.

Types of Power Steering Hoses

There are generally two types of hoses that you can buy to replace an OEM unit. The first is a standard rubber hose that is encapsulated on each end. These hoses are designed for a basic change out when an existing hose is frayed or is leaking. Many mechanics use these basic types due to the low cost and high markup they receive for auto repairs.

The second type of hose offers more flexibility and resistance to heat over the long term. These hoses have metallic guards throughout the body of the hose. They are essential due to the high temperatures of auto engines. The steering mechanism does not provide adequate protection for a standard hose. The thermo temperature protection of the heat guard systems does provide the best value during installation.

What to Look for When Buying a Power Steering Pressure Hose

Some retailers stock the most basic types of hoses. These are usually aftermarket builds that are produced in third world countries. The prices are usually less expensive for a reason. Some common types can be purchased for under $3.00 online although the cost of shipping can eat up any savings you receive.

The mid-grade hoses that offer heat protection can also offer vibration protection. This offers an extra level of protection after install. The vibration that is natural when engines are in full operation can contribute to the wear patterns on some inferior hoses. The vibration protected units can reduce wear patterns and stop the squeaking noises most common with failed hoses.

The Best Discounted Power Steering Hoses

Companies like AC Delco provide some of the top aftermarket replacement hoses. These are built to conform to all of the OEM specs by most automakers. Both foreign and domestic vehicles can be retrofitted easily with an AC Delco hose. There are less known companies that provide discounted hoses that could hold up to the rigors of the road. The best hose types are those with positive customer reviews and have been around for more than a decade.