Replacement ABS Pumps

ABS stands for anti-lock brake system. The ABS pump on your vehicle provides additional fluid pressure to the brake system for anti-lock brake operation. When you need to purchase ABS pumps, we can help you find exactly what you need quickly. Enter your search request into the box at the top of this page and get fast, accurate parts results.

Your ABS Pump’s System

The purpose of anti-lock brakes is to reduce the skidding that can occur with sudden stops or stops on slick surfaces. The system helps your vehicle stop quickly and allows you to control the steering while you are braking. The complete ABS system includes the pump, valves, a controller and speed sensors.

ABS Pumps

Your ABS pump is normally part of the complete hydraulic valve assembly. The pump unit consists of a pump motor, electronic control module and solenoid valve assembly. The brakes lines feed into and out of this system.

To control the braking system, valves will reduce and release pressure to your brakes. The valves open to allow pressure from the master cylinder to flow to your brakes. The valves will move into a closed position to prevent further pressure from building in extreme braking. The valves will then begin to release pressure to provide control. This pressure needs to be restored and that is the function of the ABS pump.

Often the only time you will know that your pump is failing is when the ABS warning light goes on in your dash assembly. You can tell that the system is working when you feel pulsing in your brake pedal while applying the brakes.

On new vehicles, the valve assembly can sometimes be replaced without replacing the ABS control module. Purchasing a used ABS pump will save you a significant amount of money over a new pump purchase. If you are looking for an ABS pump for sale, we can help you find all of the parts you need for your vehicle. Enter your search information into the box on the top of the page to see how easy locating the right parts can be.