Used Chevy S10 Control Arms

Chevrolet S10 Extreme
MSVG / Car Photos / CC BY

If you are tired of driving your S10 pickup and hearing knocking sounds when you go over slight bumps, or feeling the steering wheel shake while you are driving on the highway, then you probably need to replace your control arms. The good news is you do not have to waste money buying new ones since high quality used control arms can work just as well. The key is finding those high quality used parts, and that is what we do here at control arms are important for keeping your wheels in control, traveling within the proper manufacturer’s specifications. When your control arms start going bad, they allow the wheels to have a lot of free play, causing knocking, vibration, and misalignment in different parts of your car or truck. This is not only annoying, but it can become quite costly and dangerous since it will damage other components in your car or truck, and can cause cargo to come loose and be destroyed.

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