Salvage SRT-4 Parts for Sale

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The SRT-4 was produced by dodge from 2003 through 2005. The name is an acronym for “Street Racing & Technology” with 4 representing the number of cylinders in the engine(the engine used in this model was the A853). A 2.4L inline gasoline engine with a 45 cubic inch Eaton supercharger gives this car an amazing 215-230hp. The engine displacement is 148.2 cu in. In just one quarter of a mile, the SRT-4 can reach a speed of 102mph with a top speed of 153mph according to test runs by Car and Driver magazine. It only takes 5.6 seconds (2003 model), and 5.3 seconds (2004,2005) to go from 0-60mph in this Neon.

Every feature of the SRT-4 is designed for speed. A sleek, aerodynamic design decreases wind resistance allowing for greater thrust. A fully functional hood scoop and a unique large rear wing gives the car an unmistakable appearance. To assist with stability, 16X7in rims were used with 225/45/16 BFG KDW2 tires.

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