Scangauge 2 Review

With how high gas prices are getting to be now a days it sure is nice to know exactly how many miles per gallon your vehicle is getting. The Scangauge 2 ultra compact 3 in 1 automotive computer does that and then some. This device has 12 different gauges so you will know if anything at all is out of ordinary in your vehicle.

The Scangauge 2 makes maintaining your vehicle much easier, and gives you the piece of mind that you will always be a few steps ahead of any future problems.

The built in diagnostic scan tool not only diagnoses the codes, it also clears them and turn off your check engine light. The multi-function trip computer gives you a full analysis of every trip you take. The Scan Gauge 2 tell you your maximum speed, average speed, maximum coolant temperature, max RPM, driving time, driving distance, fuel used, fuel cost, trip fuel economy, distance to empty, time to empty, and fuel to empty.

The Scangauge II is small and can fit most anywhere in your vehicle. This device requires no tools to install so it can be installed by virtually anybody. You simply plug the device into your vehicle OBD2 port. With the large number of features this automotive computer has, it definitely will have something that will trip your trigger.

The 12 gauges on the Scangauge 2 include the following:

  • Horsepower
  • Fuel Consumption Rate to 1/100th per gallon/liter
  • Vehicle speed (MPH)
  • Fuel Economy
  • Cost Per Mile/Cost Per Trip
  • Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Load
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Throttle Position
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Ignition Timing
  • Engine Speed (RPM)
  • O2 Sensor Data
  • Fuel Trim
  • Hybrid Battery Charge (for Toyota Prius and Ford Escape)
  • And many more, depending on your vehicle’s sensor design

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