Used 5R55E Transmission

The famed C3 transmission built by Ford was later updated to include electronic controls in the 1990s. The original three speeds were upgraded to four speeds and then five speeds for installation into more modern vehicles. Ford Motor Company was the first American automaker to introduce five-speed transmissions to the public. The used 5R55E transmission inventory located here at Pro Auto USA is ready for instant shipment to any state in America.

Ford is one of the automakers that has pioneered electronic module controls used inside transmissions. The 5R55E is the five-speed edition related to the very similar 4F55E used in the 1995 Ranger. The Ford Aerostar, Mazda B trucks and Ranger are some examples of the vehicles that have benefited from the electronically controlled five speeds produced for the American market. Locating these gearboxes using this online resource is easy. Full sale pricing is delivered through this used engines resource.

5R55E Automatic Five-Speed Transmissions

The transmission shift problems that are common in some electronic controlled gearboxes are not present in the inventory posted here for sale. All suppliers of gearboxes that are retailed through this resource are evaluated before marketed to the public. This means that all automatic five-speed units in Ford, Chevy or Dodge builds are ready for instant installations. The issues that some used transmission buyers have with gearboxes that are electronic comes from a lack of warranty coverage.

Every 5R55E gearbox that is found using this resource is guaranteed to function normally with Ford motors. This is made possible due to the warranty programs in place. Each supplier that offers the actual fulfillment of transmission deliveries guarantees each transmission with its own warranty. These warranties generally range between two and three years in length. Nearly all of the electronics and internal components are covered in the warranties that are supplied. Buying used Ford transmissions for sale is an easy process here online.

5R55E Transmission Price Quotes Online

Every price quotation that is delivered for transmissions in stock at the Pro Auto USA company is monitored by company staff. This ensures that pricing remains accurate and speed of delivery is established. The automated tools featured at the top of this page is one way that price quotes for five-speed Ford transmissions can be obtained online. This tool instantly returns all in stock pricing as well as different quotes from suppliers.

Every supplier listing the used 5R55E gearboxes in stock competes for the lowest price. The junkyard and salvage company finder that is featured here instantly connects any transmission buyer with hundreds of potential in stock notices for gearboxes. This developed system is one of the fastest and most reliable currently offered online. The Ford Motor Company inventory featured here is always updated and ready for shipment in the U.S.