Used Acura TL Headlight Assemblies

Honda’s Acura TL is a mid sized luxury car with sleek styling and a sporty appearance. Headlight assemblies for the Acura TL are available in several styles. While halogen and HID xenon headlights are OEM Acura TL parts, many vehicle owners now opt for higher performance and a sportier look by installing projector headlights.

Standard Headlights 1997-1999

Halogen headlamps provide long life under normal operating conditions and halogen bulbs are less expensive to replace. Halogen headlights produce light by heating a tungsten element inside a halogen gas filled bulb. Like an incandescent light bulb, this generates a lot of heat and isn’t very efficient. Beginning 1999, Honda installed efficient Xenon headlights as OEM for the Acura models.

More Efficient

Acura models 1999-2012 come standard with high intensity xenon headlights that offer the advantage of producing brighter and more focused beams while using much less energy. The xenon gas inside the lamp gives the light its distinctive blue tint. High intensity discharge headlight lamps last nearly twice as long as halogen lamps, (2000 hours on average) and are much more efficient. The lens focuses the headlight beam to provide better visibility and the bulb inside uses much less energy. Buying a used HID headlight for your car reduces the energy needed for light, which can result in both less fuel use and lower CO2 emissions.

LED Headlights

Buying used headlights for your Acura is a good opportunity to give your car a style upgrade. Try used LED headlights or halo projector headlights combing xenon bulbs with LED lights to give your car a sportier look. The LED headlights are available in a variety of patterns and provide excellent visibility, long life and low energy usage. LED headlights will be standard equipment on 2014 models.

Why You Need to Replace Headlights

Buying a used headlight assembly is often your best bet after a fender bender or when aging headlights become cloudy and less efficient. Cracks in the assembly allow moisture to get inside and impair the amount of light produced. Replacing hazy or cracked headlights with quality used Acura headlights makes nighttime and rainy day driving safer and makes your car look better as well.

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