Used BMW E46 M3 Engines For Sale

The M3 series by the German auto manufacturer BMW is a high performance upgrade from their 3-series vehicles. BMW E46 Engines were first introduced worldwide in October of 2000, and was produced until 2006. The E46 M3 came standard with the 3.2 L S54 M-tuned engine; at the time of its release, this engine was the highest performing engine on the market. As is not uncommon with many European made high performance vehicle, the engines can wear out/fail and then need to be replaced. However, replacing an engine for a high end vehicle such as a BMW can be extremely expensive; that is where Pro Auto USA can help.

Using Our Parts Finder to Save Money:

If you are unfortunate enough to need to replace an engine for a BMW E46 M3, you will know how expensive used replacement engines can be. Due to the fact that BMW’s are higher end vehicles, and the E46 has not been produced in 7 years, finding a decently priced replacement can be a difficult task; this is where we come in. Our parts finder tool is simple to use, and will ensure you find the best price possible on a replacement engine. Simply select the information about the part you need from the drop down windows, enter your personal information, and we will find you the part.

While the S54 M-tuned engine can be difficult to replace, it makes up for the hassle in performance. This engine was ahead of its time in handling, horsepower, and fuel economy; making its replacement a worthwhile investment. If the engine in your E46 does fail, rather than purchasing a new vehicle, purchase a used replacement engine from us, and get many more years of use out of this fantastic car.

Purchasing a used replacement engine through Pro Auto USA will ensure you get the cheapest replacement engine possible. Our company has a database of hundreds of used parts suppliers across the United States. This ensures that you get the best price possible on your replacement part. Also, by getting your part through us, you will not be confined to suppliers near you, as we ship parts as well. The best hassle free way to replace the engine in your E46 M3 is to let us help you find the cheapest part available. Simply click on the “Start Here” button on our page, enter your personal information, and let Pro Auto USA handle your parts replacement.