Used Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system on your car or truck serves two functions. It reduces the pollution created by the engine and muffles engine noise. The complete system is made up of many parts. We provide convenient online shopping for all your auto part needs including a full array of exhaust repair pieces. Enter the name of the exhaust system parts you need into our locator bar and we will do the work for you.


The exhaust manifold on your vehicle is attached to the engine. The manifold directs the spent fuel away from the engine and sends it through one or two pipes to the catalytic converter.

Catalytic converter

Catalytic converters change harmful elements in exhaust gasses. Byproducts are converted into carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrogen. Catalytic converters can be damaged by certain fuels or additives. They also fail as they age.


The muffler on your vehicle regulates exhaust gas and reduces engine noise. When mufflers develop holes, your vehicle will be noisier and may not run as efficiently. Mufflers also provide a pressure balance for the exhaust system; holes will throw the balance off. Glasspack mufflers are sometimes used by individuals to increase the vehicle’s power while also producing a louder rumbling.

Tail pipes

Your vehicle will have one or two tail pipes that direct the remaining exhaust gas away from your vehicle. This prevents gases from building up inside your car or truck. Hangers hold the pipes to the body of your vehicle. The hangers often break, allowing pipes to drag on the ground.

Both tail pipes and mufflers can become damaged if you only drive for very short distances every day. The catalytic converter changes some of the exhaust to water. This water can build up in the muffler and pipes. If you do not drive for long enough to heat up the exhaust system, the water will not evaporate. Over time, the water will create rust.

Do not forget accessories when you order your repair parts. Hangers often need replacement due to age and corrosion. We offer easy, fast online shopping for all your exhaust system parts. You can count on our services to find the right parts at the best possible prices. Use the search function located on this page to find all of your exhaust system parts for sale.