Used Loaded Beam Axles

Although loaded beam axles are extremely durable, if a vehicle with loaded beam axles gets in an accident or carries a load beyond its means, they can be known to break. One benefit of loaded beam axles however, is that they are cheaper than other types of axles; so if you find that you need to replace a loaded beam axle on your high load vehicle, buying a used replacement will not be too expensive. However, the problem with finding a loaded beam axle may not be the price, but their availability. A replacement axle would need to come from the same make and model as your vehicle; if you own an older or more rare vehicle, you could have a difficult time finding a replacement axle; this is where Pro Auto USA can be beneficial to you.

Pro Auto USA’s Parts Finder Tool:

Our parts finder tool is the easiest and most convenient way to find a replacement loaded beam axle for your vehicle. Our network of suppliers extends across the United States, giving us a great means by which to find any used auto part you could need. Using the parts finder tool is easy; all you have to do is fill out the information on your vehicle, fill out your personal information, and we will search our database of suppliers to find you a loaded beam axle that will fit your truck, and the part will be provided to you at the best price possible.

What exactly is a Loaded Beam Axle?

Many people are confused by the difference between a loaded beam axle and other axles. At its most basic, a loaded beam axle is a straight beam that goes across the car connecting two wheels together. The most common application of the loaded beam axle is as the rear suspension in a front wheel drive heavy load vehicle. The loaded beam axle has a disadvantage compared to other axles that are in use because loaded beam axles do not allow the two wheels to move independently of one another; this causes a decrease is ride quality. For this reason most manufacturers no longer use loaded beam axles.

Since loaded beam axles are rarely used on new vehicles anymore, this makes it even harder for individuals to find replacements for them. Letting Pro Auto USA find you a used replacement loaded beam axle will ensure you get the part you need. Our wide network of suppliers ensures that we can find you a replacement axle; simply click on our parts finder tool, and see how easily we can find you an affordable used loaded beam axle.