If you need parts for your WRX STI engine, Autoprosusa.com is the one place to look for quality used parts online. Subaru WRX STI engines are special because they are “blueprinted” engines. That means they are machined to very precise tolerances. In other words, parts have to be made to the STI (Subaru Technica International) quality standards or they might not fit. Non STI engines may have similar parts, but don’t try to interchange them.

These engines perform so well and last so long because they are made like the special shop-built engines used in race cars. Parts which may not be interchangeable in between standard engines without a visit to the machine shop may be interchangeable between STI engines of the same year and model. STI engines are all turbocharged.

There is no need to search all over the internet to find used parts for your Subaru STI engine. We will do it for you. Just fill out our simple form to let us know what parts you need . Vendors who supply used parts through Autoprosusa.com are competing with each other to supply your replacement parts so they will offer the best possible prices.

Auto pros usa is not a parts warehouse but rather a parts finder service. We will help you find the parts you need at the best prices offered. By filling out the simple form stating what you are looking for you can save both time and money. Auto pros will do all the filtering through irrelevant offerings to come up with the part you are looking for.

Ward’s has listed the WRX STI engine as one of it’s best built engines. The turbocharged STI engines are among the most powerful engines of their displacement size offered in America. The boxer design also means lighter weight, smoother running, and greater reliability. Subaru owners tend to be devoted fans, even sometimes being referred to as fanatics. Keep yours running with genuine parts. Just ask for the parts you need. Fill out the above form and we will find your part.