Used Transmissions for Sale

The automotive transmission is now commonplace in all vehicles produced in the global auto industry. There are numerous types of transmissions and each has its own benefits. When you’re ready to replace a transmission, knowing a little about the assemblies that are sold by retailers can help. Pro Auto USA is one of the largest used transmissions for sale retailers. The units on sale here are meant to provide a cost effective replacement solution.

The History of The Automotive Transmission

From the manual transmission units produced in 1855 to the first automatic patented in 1921, the history of the motor vehicle transmission is broad. Few auto parts produced worldwide have benefited from digital controls like the modern day gearboxes built by automakers. The standard, sometimes called stick shift, assemblies were used for decades in automobiles. You’ll find these types as well as units you might not be familiar with inside this inventory for sale.

Types of U.S. Transmissions in Production

1. Manual Assemblies

The basic edition transmissions require each automobile driver to use physical force to shift gears to a higher or lower level. These assemblies feature a clutch system that is depressed during the actual shifting of gears. These units are often less expensive to produce due to the smaller number of parts required for assembly. The manual transmission units in production worldwide were prominently used until the 1980s. The invention of digital modules severely reduced the manual installations.

2. Automatic Assemblies

The first transmission on record in automatic builds was the 1921 Canadian edition. This unit helped set the pace in the early 1920s for a gearbox that could be controlled without user intervention. The hydraulic inclusion that was made by GM helped improve the original design. The late model gearboxes that are featured in most vehicles are a mixture of automatic and electronically controlled systems. Each type has benefits especially when these are found in good condition.

3. Continuously Variable Assemblies

These units are new to the U.S. auto manufacturing industry with GM being the first to offer a unit as early as 2002. Instead of a structured level of gear ratios like 3, 4 or 5 speeds, the CVT assemblies are able to extend the amount of ratios to higher or lower speeds at random. These are a new build of global transmissions development. Most automakers are now building forms of continuously variable transmission assemblies that are offered as upgrades to the most standard gearbox units available.

4. Hybrid Transmissions

Automakers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan are building vehicles that consume alternative energy for operation. Because combustion engines are not used, newer types of transmissions have been produced. The Hybrid Synergy Drive technology is now in use from many foreign automakers as new units are produced. The Auto Pros company currently retails all types of gearbox units that are featured in import and domestic vehicles. The hybrid gearbox designs were first introduced in the U.S. in the late 1990s.

Used Transmissions Resource Center Online

Pro Auto USA has developed its website to produce resources to find preowned transmission inventory nationwide. The lack of support that some consumers find when researching auto parts replacement is one reason for the creation of this resource. To find used transmissions from reputable dealers, the search system on this page can be used. It is this system now connected hundreds of suppliers with eager gearbox buyers.