Used Wiper Transmission Parts For Sale

Your wiper transmission is probably the most important part in your car that you have never heard of. Also known as a wiper linkage, this essential piece converts the circular rotational motion generated by the wiper’s motor into the back and forth motion that you observe. Needless to say, this part is essential to the functional operation of your wipers. These parts can be relatively simple to fix or replace and typically even the average weekend warrior could make the necessary repairs within a couple of hours.

When completing this repair yourself your biggest concerns are going to be price, where to purchase the part, and how to perform the repairs. Often times people will make the mistake of calling and asking the dealer for a new OEM replacement part when most of the time a used OEM part can be found for sale at a salvage yard for much cheaper than buying new. You can access hundreds of salvage yards across the country without ever opening a phone book or dialing any number by using the parts finder tool on this page.


To better understand the role that your wiper transmission / linkage plays it is helpful to understand that your wiper’s motors are designed move in only one direction. The transmission is the only thing that moves the wipers forward or back. The wiper transmission looks and functions very much like the propulsion arms of a locomotive as it utilizes a pivot point to leverage the force of the motor and cause it to push forward or pull back based on the position of the cycle. By its nature, this mechanism is especially susceptible to damage if any amount of force is placed on the wipers while they are in motion.

Having a malfunctioning or disabled wiper transmission is dangerous and does require immediate repair. You can save time and money buying this part through Simply select the pertinent information in the parts finder tool and you will have access to our trusted network of hundreds of discount parts suppliers and salvage yards across the nation. We specialize in helping you find the used parts you need at the discount price you want.