Viper 5904 Responder HD Review

Having remote start in your vehicle is definitely a luxury. Having a security system on your vehicle is a luxury too, especially with all of the auto thefts now days.  With the Viper 5904 Responder HD you can have the luxury of the remote start and the piece of mind that you have an advanced alarm system on your vehicle.

The Viper 5904 is a 2 way security and remote start system with an advanced user interface. With a one mile range you can rest assured every night that your vehicle is safe with just one alert away of any harm. Viper went all out on the 5904. The remote is way more advanced and complex than any of their competitors. It will literally walk you through the whole system on screen while still providing real time information.

Another key feature of the Viper 5904 is the built in info center. This displays the amount of time your vehicle will run for after you remotely started it. It also will tell you the interior temperature of you car so you know when would be a good time to hit the road. The other cool thing with the info center is it has a parking meter timer. The remote will receive a message at 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and when the meter is expired so you know when to plug it. Think about how nice that would be, to never have to worry about possibly getting a parking ticket ever again.

The Viper 5904 has the long 1 mile range but if for some reason you try to use the remote out of range, it will tell you. You would never have to guess whether or not your car will be running with that feature. The Remote Key chain is complex yet easy to use, and the screen is super clear. The 5 buttons are in prime locations and the screen has an anti glare polarizer for easy reading in daylight.

Another new feature Viper added to the 5904 is the responder HD. This feature reports any sensors that have been by passed on the system. Once any sensors have been by passed or there is a change of status you will receive a message instantly on your remote. Viper designed this unit to get you a higher level of connection with your vehicle. Click here for customer reviews and pricing information.