Used Windshield Wiper Motors For Sale

Your vehicle may have one or more windshield wiper motors. Many newer vehicles utilize a wiper for the rear window in addition to the windshield wipers. When your motor begins to fail, your blades will not operate correctly. If the motor completely fails, you will lose visibility in the rain. By using our parts finder, we can provide you with the best prices possible for windshield wiper motors.

The windshield wiper motor turns a worm gear. The worm gear reduces the output speed of the motor and increases the torque, or power, the motor provides. The gear operates a cam connected to the linkage that moves the blades across your windshield. Before you simply replace a wiper motor, check the gear and linkages to ensure that they have not become damaged.

The speed of your wiper blades is controlled electronically. The days of single speed wipers are long gone. In addition to varying speeds, most vehicles provide an intermittent function for use in light rains. Some vehicles have only one intermittent speed while others may have up to ten.

In addition to front or rear windshield wiper motors, your vehicle may use additional motors for headlight wipers. Windshield wiper motors may be damaged over time. If you live in an area with particularly harsh winters, the damage can occur more quickly. If your wiper blades are frozen to your windshield, the motor will struggle to try to operate the blades. This can damage the motor mechanism and the blades themselves.

With the large number of wiper motors available, make sure you purchase the correct model for your vehicle and application. If your vehicle uses more than one motor, you may wish to replace them as a set to ensure proper performance. When one motor fails due to age, the other is likely to follow. No matter what model motor you need, simply use the search box at the top of this page. You will find access to all types of windshield wiper motors for sale.